20-21-22 ottobre 2020

Digital Trading Online Expo


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Robert Hoffman

President and CEO, Become A Better Trader, Inc.

Rob Hoffman is a three-time International Trading Champion who has won numerous live, real-money only domestic and international trading competitions. He is CEO of BecomeABetterTrader.com and is also a widely followed and internationally recognized speaker known for his willingness to trade live with students. Rob is a professional trader, frequent speaker for top brokerage firms and financial exchanges, skilled educator and passionate mentor to proprietary traders, portfolio managers, and hedge fund managers from around the world. With three international and eight domestic wins, Rob is one of the very few traders that has real experience to help you overcome your frustrations and inconsistencies and help you develop into the trader you want to be. Learn what it takes to rise through the ranks and build from your mistakes to come out the other end as champion just like Rob!

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Mercoledì 21    16:30 - 17:30    MAIN STAGE

Impostazioni e strategie di successo per il trading sui mercati italiani

Panel in inglese tradotto simultaneamente in italiano - Panel held in English

Rob Hoffman ti insegnerà con chiarezza le strategie che lo hanno reso per 30 volte campione di trading internazionale. Sin da oggi potrai utilizzare queste strategie in un ottica di day trading e/o di swing trading. Si tratta di un evento da non perdere, visto che Rob è uno dei top trader al mondo che illustra le sue strategie dal vivo  a platee istituzionali e private. Una presentazione importante per ogni trader o investitore attivo. 

Champion Setups and Strategies for Trading Italian Markets
Join Rob Hoffman as he teaches you the straightforward strategies that he uses as a 30x real money international trading champion. These are strategies that you can begin using today for day trading and swing trading. This is a must-see event given that Rob is one of the world's top traders that puts it out there live in front of retail and institutional traders alike. This is an important presentation for any active trader or investor.


Mercoledì 11    15:30 - 16:30   

Trading the markets with Davide Biocchi, Dan Gramza, and Rob Hoffman

Moderated by Nicolas Bertrand

La conferenza si svolgerà solo in lingua inglese.

Live trading of top futures contracts and shares during the US market opening with real time examples of the new microFIB. A great opportunity to see such trading experts comment the market together. Gramza, Biocchi and Hoffman will surely provide useful tips regarding trading style, position management and of course the products they follow.


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