20-21-22 ottobre 2020

Digital Trading Online Expo


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Luigi Piva

Director a Quantlab Limited (UK)

He worked profitably for several Prop Trading firms (Equity Line Solutions LTD, Seven Mills LTD, ) investing in stocks, futures and options. He developed and used quantitative algorithmic trading strategies (Daily to HFT) using the .NET infrastructure, he also developed options pricing models on commodities and implemented numerical methods (Monte Carlo simulations for European options, Finite Difference for American options, Barrier and Digital Options). He has successfully created several algorithmic trading models on stocks and futures based on advanced historical series analysis.

Graduated in Bologna in Applied Economics, Master's degree in Econometrics, Certificate in Quantitative Finance at Fitch London, C# programming at Officine Formazione, SIAT professional partner.

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Martedì 20    14:15 - 15:15    SMART ROOM 1

Analisi quantitativa e trading algoritmico


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