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Cookie Policy

Version of 01/10/2022

Dear User,
Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (hereinafter, the “Company”, “we”, or “us”), with registered office in Piazza degli Affari, 6 20123 Milano (MI), which can be contacted at, as the data controller, provides you (hereinafter, the “User”) with the following information on the use of cookies on the Site (hereinafter, the “Site”).

1. What are cookies and how they are categorized

The Sites use cookies, internet tags and similar technologies (hereinafter jointly referred to as “cookies”), which are technically small files containing packets of information sent by a web server to the visitor/User’s Internet browser and automatically stored by the latter on the device (personal computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.) and automatically sent back to the server each time the site is accessed. The cookie can only be used by the web server that issued it (or by any third parties with whom it was originally shared); this means, for example, that servers managed by third parties cannot read cookies generated by the data controller. The cookie is then re-read and recognized by the Site that sent it every time a subsequent connection is made. The cookies used on this Site can be distinguished by virtue of the following criteria:

The cookies used on this Site may be distinguished by the following criteria:

a) based on who manages cookies:

(i) first party cookies: these are cookies installed directly by the Data Controller (or processors acting on its behalf) through the Site.

(ii) third party cookies: these are cookies installed through the Site by third parties other than Company and processed by such third-parties for purposes they solely determine.

b) based on the time they remain enabled:

(i) session cookies: these cookies store the necessary information during the browsing session and are deleted immediately after the session expires, i.e. when the browser is closed;

(ii) persistent cookies: these cookies are stored on the User’s hard disk and the Site reads them each time the User visits the Site. A persistent cookie has a specific expiry date, after which it will stop working;

c) based on the purpose:

(i) technical cookies: these cookies are necessary to allow the User to browse the Site and to benefit from its functionalities. If strictly necessary for the use of the Site, these cookies do not require the User’s prior consent and cannot be switched off. Without these cookies some services or functions could not be provided and the browsing of the Site would not be easy and functional;

(ii) analytics cookies: these cookies are used to obtain statistical information, in an aggregate manner or not, on the number of Users accessing the Site and about how the Site is used. Where required by the applicable laws, if the User does not consent to these types of cookies, the Data Controller will not be able to improve the Site based on information from the User’s visit;

(iii) profiling cookies: these cookies are used to trace the User’s profile in order to display advertisements on the Site target on the basis of the User’s interests, tastes and consumption habits. If the User does not consent to these types of cookies, he/she will experience less targeted advertising (but not less advertising overall).

The Site uses technical, performance cookies and profiling cookies.

By modifying the browser's settings, the User can decide to make the placement of any type of cookies subject to his prior consent or to prevent their placement completely. The configuration of each browser is different and is described in the "Help" menu of the browser. To understand how to set the cookie settings, the User can consult the instructions provided by the most popular browsers', available at the following links:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

However, you can also allow the installation/uninstallation of any different categories of cookies used on the Site by clicking on "Enable/Disable single cookies here".

2. What cookies are used on this Site

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those that the Data Controller uses for the sole purpose of allowing the User to visit the Site and enjoy it. They can be further divided into:

(i) necessary cookies: these cookies guarantee the ordinary browsing and use of the Site, allowing, for instance, to book an appointment or to authenticate for accessing reserved areas. Therefore, they are strictly necessary for the browsing and use of the Site and, thus, do not require the User's consent. These are generally session cookies, which are automatically deleted when closing the browser;

(ii) functional cookies: these cookies allow the User to browse the Site according to a set of selected criteria (for instance, the language or country of origin) in order to improve the service provided on the Site. Therefore, without the User's consent, some of the services and functionalities provided on the Site may not function properly. These are persistent cookies, which remain on the computer in use even after the browser is closed, until the expiry date provided for each cookie (typically from two months to two years) or the User deletes them.

Technical cookies are not used for any purpose other than those mentioned above.

The following technical cookies are currently used on the Site:

TECHNICAL COOKIES (first party’s and third party’s)

Performance cookies

PerformancePerformance cookies are used on the Site to collect statistical information, in either aggregate or non-aggregate form, about the number of Users accessing the Site and how they visit the Site.

PERFORMANCE COOKIES (first party’s and third party’s)

As provided by the applicable legislation, the User's prior consent is required for the installation of third-party performance cookies. For this reason, when accessing the Site, a banner is displayed informing that third party performance cookies are used on the Site; and (ii) by closing the banner through the appropriate command, the User does not consent to the use of performance cookies, maintaining the use of technical cookies only. In any case, the User can also use the tool installed on the Site to manage his or her consents concerning each category of cookies used on the Site, when the aforementioned banner is displayed and at any time while browsing the Site, by clicking on the appropriate link in the footer.

If you give your consent to the installation of such cookies, we will keep track of this consent through a specific technical cookie. In this way, we will avoid re-proposing the cookie banner during future visits to the Site.

You are free to block the installation of performance cookies at any time, without affecting your ability to visit the Site and enjoy its content. To find out how to do this, you can read the third party cookie policies by clicking on the links in the table above.

3. Changes and Updates

This Cookie Policy is valid as of the effective date. The Company may make changes and/or additions to this Cookie Policy due to any regulatory changes and/or additions.

We use first and third party cookies to ensure the functionality of the site, to collect statistical information about how many users access the site. For more information about our use of cookies you can view our cookie policy and you can consent or refure to each individual cookie by clicking on "Choose cookies".
If you click on the "X" to close the banner, no cookies will be installed on your device except for those necessary for the proper functioning of the site.