May, 18 and 19 2022

TOL Expo

We provide financial knowledge and culture for success in trading and investing, in the form of quantitative or systematic strategies, risk and money management
techniques, loss management, trading psychology, statistics, interviews with successful traders and much more editorial content, all with a unique and
indisputable characteristic: it must be serious, rigorous and scientifically honest. We promote services produced by the editorial staff or by our Authors, after
having carefully tested them with tools and tools suitable to make the result produced in the past scientifically verifiable.

Maurizio Monti is the publisher of Magazines and financial portals, he has brought all the editorial contents he produces to a very high
level of diffusion to the public, thanks to a systematic and refined presence in all the events of Italian operational finance that matter,
as well as to the creation of quality content, widespread with the digital or papery magazines,with webinars, with a systematic and
continuous qualified communication via email with the readers. Thanks to this continuous and massive presence, the Maurizio Monti
Publisher’s database is by far the most qualified and profiled in Italy for trading, investment and operational finance. Maurizio Monti
Publisher’s customer service is the only one in Italy in financial publishing and one of the few in Europe to provide telephone access
24 hours a day, 365 days a year to its readers, subscribers or registered on the sites.

Nowadays, Maurizio Monti Publisher manages nine italian financial portals, two magazines, two spanish financial portals for the speaking spanish world, including Spain and South America, 52 services for trading and investment reccomandations in italian and spanish. The retail customers are from 18 different countries in the world, editorial boards are in six countries, with 34 collaborators and more than 280 authors from all over the world. 
A world of trading signals, investment reccomandations, financial education, to enrich your financial culture and your portfolio as investor or trader.


Thursday 19 May    15:30 - 16:30    AGORA

The great culture of options for better risk control.

Options in times of high market volatility: greater exposure or greater opportunity? A trading system suitable for managing any type of situation with a low risk model and constant historical return.


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