May, 18 and 19 2022

TOL Expo


Starting Finance is an innovative startup with the largest Italian community of millennials interested in the economic-financial sector, counting more than 500.000 followers on social media and 34 Starting Finance Clubs in all the main universities of Italy .

Our focus can be described in three pillars: information, education and gamification, which are intertwined with the aim of creating a practical and engaging path for the user and educating them on the world of economics and finance.

All conferences of STARTING FINANCE

Wednesday 18 May    12:30 - 13:30    AGORA

Investments and trends of the future

The world is constantly evolving, and every day new trends and fashions are born that sometimes explode in a bubble, others settle down and become normality. In recent months, we have heard of metaverse, space economy, ethical food, NFT, new media, dropshipping, cybersecurity, terms, some of which we did not even know existed. Which of these are currently the object of investment and what kind of development can they have in a globalized finance? Which tools allow you to have a certain return and which securities do these markets offer?


Thursday 19 May    15:30 - 16:30    BALCONATA2

Educate on current markets, for future economic stability

In terms of financial education, Italy ranks second to last among the G20 countries and last among the G7 countries.
The data in itself extremely worrying, is even more serious if the new generations are taken into consideration, who suffer from an enormous lack of financial bases compared to their peers in other European countries.

From the data collected by the Edufin Committee, in collaboration with Doxa, it emerged that citizens in possession of basic financial education, better overcome the repercussions of the pandemic. economic stability (and freedom) over the years, it is necessary to know basic factors such as inflation, diversification, compound interest.

During the conference Marco Scioli (president and co-founder of Starting Finance) and Giovanni Cuniberti (adjunct professor School of Management and Economics - University of Turin) will deal with the problem of financial education, with a strong focus on current markets and on the knowledge and tools to be explored in order to face the moments of turbulence that 2022 is presenting.


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