May, 18 and 19 2022

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A rich calendar of conventions, seminars and training activities designed to promote financial culture, will guide the retail community through an uninterrupted training path.

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Conference program:

Wednesday 18 May    11:30 - 12:30    BALCONATA1

Investors and sustainability: challenges and perspectives for ESG investments

Last year Euronext announced the debut of the MIB ESG index, the first index dedicated to the Italian stock market designed to identify the large Italian issuers with ESG best practices. An initiative that also has the aim of encouraging companies to pursue ambitious goals from the point of view of sustainability. Following this initiative, some leading investment houses have requested admission to trading on the Borsa Italiana markets of certificates and ETNs having the MIB ESG index underlying, immediately following up on market demand. The regulatory framework is also rapidly evolving in favor of private investors, converging towards a specific regulatory provision that will guarantee a profiling of retail customers also from an ESG point of view. The seminar will focus on these changes, offering interesting insights thanks to the privileged observatory of investment houses involved in the launch of structured products on ESG indices on a pan-European level and of a leading international law firm.


Investitori e sostenibilità: sfide e prospettive per gli investimenti ESG - Luciano Morello
Latest trends & Future Challenges in ESG Investing - Alessandra Franzosi


Wednesday 18 May    12:15 - 13:00    AREA SCAVI

The Red and the Black. Reflections on the age of instability

The appointment at TOL Expo 2022 is renewed with one of the well-known and appreciated Italian strategists, Alessandro Fugnoli. Milanese, with a degree in philosophy at the State University, after an experience as Head of Research at Abaxbank, since 2010 he has been part of the Kairos team, one of the few independent companies in the Italian asset management sector. 

Also nicknamed the "philosopher of finance" for his encyclopedic classical culture, Fugnoli is a careful observer of economic dynamics and financial markets that he analyzes weekly in his column "The red and the black".


Wednesday 18 May    14:00 - 15:00    SALA CONVEGNI

The landscape and the implications for the future of the markets

Peter Tuchman, famous NYSE professional trader, will discuss about what’s happened in the marketplace during the last two years, focusing on the market in turmoil around Covid, the war and the consequences on energy supply


Wednesday 18 May    14:30 - 15:30    GREEN

Seeking Income with Index Options

How has your portfolio performed so far in 2022? Global markets have saw continued volatility and sharp declines on concerns over a change in the interest rate environment, inflation, and the war in Ukraine. Investors can capitalise on higher volatility premium using several option strategies that seek to harvest premium using either near-term weekly options or longer-term traditional monthlies.
Join Gareth Ryan, Founder & Managing Director at IUR Capital, as he discusses the evolution of index options with premium-harvesting option strategies including the credit spread strategy and covered call. Gareth will look at how these defined-risk, defined-return strategies are implemented to an equity portfolio and look at how they can be used in bull, bear and sideways markets. A Q&A session will take place at the end.


Wednesday 18 May    15:30 - 16:30    SALA CONVEGNI

Post-pandemic options trading: how to find the strategy that fits your thesis

With the increased popularity of options in post-pandemic market environment, how can market participants trade with guidance and with discipline? When you have your own analysis of stocks, how to pick the right option strategy to fit your thesis? Tony Saliba will share his secrets to individual traders and guide you through a brand-new way to look at options trading.


Thursday 19 May    10:30 - 11:30    SALA CONVEGNI

The Fear Index

At the beginning of the last century, a series of new scientific studies on the involvement of emotions in human behavior took place. In fact, the idea has begun to gain ground that emotions not only have an impact, but are an integral part of every decision-making process, and that the failure to recognize the importance of emotions in favor of a purely logical and rational approach has often led to unforeseen and disastrous consequences.
The world of Finance, and in particular that of Trading, immediately showed considerable interest in the subject: thousands of traders and portfolio managers all over the world clash daily with psychological issues and the management of emotions, and they soon realized that it is there is the difference between success and failure. However, every trader knows that it is practically impossible to manage their emotions efficiently, especially because their functioning is so complex and articulated that not even the most powerful algorithm, much less we humans, are able to do it.
Why not then focus on a single emotion, articulate it in its most evident forms, recognize its most characteristic features and propose a functional decision-making approach to achieving one's goals, based exclusively on it.
During the seminar we will talk about how fear is not only the most powerful and decisive emotion for a Trader, but it is also the key element to understand our behaviors, and therefore the performance resulting from our choices. In trading it is not really important what happens in the market, but how we observe what happens.


Thursday 19 May    11:00 - 12:00    BALCONATA2

Online financial abuses: Consob's supervisory experience

The experience gained in the field of action to combat illegal activities has highlighted a wide range of variegated and particularly invasive cases, also thanks to digital technologies which have, on the one hand, further developed forms of remote interaction and, on the other , allowed the creation of "captivating" operating methods.
The abusive subjects operate mainly through websites and use, as contact channels to promote their initiatives with savers, above all e-mails, chats, social networks and telephone solicitations (so-called cold calling).
The most recurring cases of abusive provision of investment services are represented by trading services, offered to users through online platforms that also give access to operating methods that have experienced strong growth in recent years such as social trading, which allows clients to "copy" the investment strategies of other traders, as well as the automatic replication of operations or trading strategies formulated by software that operate on the basis of predefined algorithms.
In the last three years, Consob has blocked almost 700 websites of illegal operators.


Thursday 19 May    12:15 - 13:00    AREA SCAVI

Inflation: an (un)expected return

Commodities, bonds, stocks. Which asset classes to use to protect against inflation risk.

Inflation is an economic variable that has always characterized real markets and financial markets in relation to other variables that affect each of us, as citizens and as savers.
Inflation distributes purchasing power from one category to another, with distorting effects on the system. However, we can try to build investment portfolios that aim to mitigate the erosion of our savings, through asset allocation and financial instruments capable of protecting real capital from the long-term effects of inflation and the uncertainty of its trend.


Thursday 19 May    15:45 - 16:45    GREEN

Democratization of the trading and the investment community

Tens of millions of new retail users have started trading throughout the world in the past few years: what should they look forward to, and what can veterans in the business do to educate them to be successful? Peter Tuchman, famous NYSE professional trader, will talk about the democratization of the investment and trading community. 


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