May, 18 and 19 2022

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Thursday 19 May    10:30 - 11:30    SALA CONVEGNI

The Fear Index

At the beginning of the last century, a series of new scientific studies on the involvement of emotions in human behavior took place. In fact, the idea has begun to gain ground that emotions not only have an impact, but are an integral part of every decision-making process, and that the failure to recognize the importance of emotions in favor of a purely logical and rational approach has often led to unforeseen and disastrous consequences.
The world of Finance, and in particular that of Trading, immediately showed considerable interest in the subject: thousands of traders and portfolio managers all over the world clash daily with psychological issues and the management of emotions, and they soon realized that it is there is the difference between success and failure. However, every trader knows that it is practically impossible to manage their emotions efficiently, especially because their functioning is so complex and articulated that not even the most powerful algorithm, much less we humans, are able to do it.
Why not then focus on a single emotion, articulate it in its most evident forms, recognize its most characteristic features and propose a functional decision-making approach to achieving one's goals, based exclusively on it.
During the seminar we will talk about how fear is not only the most powerful and decisive emotion for a Trader, but it is also the key element to understand our behaviors, and therefore the performance resulting from our choices. In trading it is not really important what happens in the market, but how we observe what happens.


Conference program:

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