May, 18 and 19 2022

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Thursday 19 May    09:30 - 10:30    BALCONATA1

A simple and profitable trading strategy

During this seminar Gabriele Bellelli will illustrate a complete trading strategy at the same time simple, which even a novice is able to replicate, but also profitable. Starting from the description of the underlying logic, the precise and objective rules will be described and the results, performances and metrics will be illustrated.


Thursday 19 May    11:00 - 12:00    BALCONATA1

SG ETN Thematic and Recovery Bonus: two proposals for equity investing

In a particularly uncertain geopolitical and macroeconomic context, marked by the renewed presence of volatility, investors are increasingly considering the possibility of investing in new trends of the future that have a lower correlation with traditional equity exposures. Another aspect of growing interest for investors concerns tactical, short-term products that can benefit from conditional protection mechanisms at maturity.  Starting from these observations, we will present the new range of Thematic ETNs of Societe Generale linked to the themes of uranium mining, metaverse, hydrogen and the MIB ESG index, as well as some operational strategies with the Recovery Bonus Cap and Recovery TOP Bonus certificates, capable of benefiting from a not purely bullish trend of the market.


Thursday 19 May    15:30 - 16:30    AREA SCAVI

Geopolitics and stagflation: what will happen on the financial markets in the second half of the year?

Geopolitical tensions and central bank interventions, in the wake of inflation which remains at the highest levels of recent decades, have changed the dynamics of supply / demand and price sensitive news in recent weeks. What are the investment strategies to be adopted on the financial markets to protect the capital?


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