May, 18 and 19 2022

TOL Expo

TOL Training

A unique opportunity to experience real operation on the markets and thus improve your way of trading, without any risk.

With the stock market simulator in real time, you will be able to follow market trends, buy and sell the shares you prefer, analyze the result of your operations and compare your operations with that of other participants, thanks to the rankings and statistics, accompanied by of very useful graphics.

All those enrolled in the TOL Expo 2022 can freely participate in the TOL Training

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At your disposal a hyper realistic trading simulator, with real-time charts, tools for buying and selling, technical analysis tools, purchase levels, open and closed positions graphically shown on the stock. A very engaging and formative experience.


Complete list of stocks on which you have simulated trading, historical and overall situation, theoretical value of open positions, based on current stock market prices.


Detailed analysis of the operations carried out, risk / return, performance of the return equity, % won or lost, etc ..


Thanks to the rankings and statistics, accompanied by very useful graphs, you will be able to follow the training of the other participants, discover the best ones, identify the most significant trades, acquire new ideas to manage your positions on the market.

Three weeks of Stock Exchange Training

accompanied by the point of view of three great experts

From 2 to 8 May

Live streaming with:

Eugenio Sartorelli

From 9 to 15 May

Live streaming with:

Tony Cioli Puviani

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From 16 to 22 May

Live streaming with:

Gabriele Bellelli

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