May, 18 and 19 2022

TOL Expo

TOL Training

From 2 to 8 May

In this first week of training you will begin to familiarize yourself with the simulator tools, you will be able to follow the market for free in realtime, with related charts, trends, oscillators and indicators added to the chart.

With the buy and sell buttons you can easily enter and exit the market.
An excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the world of the stock exchange and trading.

Please note: to use the simulator, free of charge, you must be registered in the TOL Expo:

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Live streaming with the expert

Every week a great stock market and trading expert will accompany you with their indications, market analysis, detailed points of view.

This week:

Friday 6 May, 6:00 pm

Eugenio Sartorelli

Note: to participate in the live you must be registered at the TOL Expo: Click here to register now

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