2021 - 2022

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ACEPI - Italian Association of Certificates and Investment Products - aims to promote the culture and conscious use of investment products, in particular certificates. It includes the main issuers (Banca Akros, BNP Paribas, Intesa Sanpaolo, Mediobanca, Sociéte Générale, Unicredit and Vontobel), which observe a set of rules (www.decalogue.acepi.it) to provide a high degree of transparency and information on products, and the distributor Iwbank.
The Association collaborates with the management companies of the markets, participates in the regulatory tables of regulators (www.legal.acepi.it ) and carries out an intense activity of financial education (www.training.acepi.it ) for financial advisors and private bankers, through three free EFPA accredited online courses. Quarterly collects data and statistics of the primary and secondary market (www.statistics.acepi.it ) and the website www.acepi.it provides the educational material for the approach to certificates (www.education.acepi.it ), the Map of ACEPI Certificates (www.map.acepi.it ), adopted by Borsa Italiana, which classifies the types of certificates on the Italian market, and an online search engine for certificates issued by members, the Certificate Selector (www.selector-eng.acepi.it).

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.acepi.it/


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