2021 - 2022

Trading Online Summit


Since 2016 Money.it is the first online newspaper about finance, economics and business dedicated to managers, investors, savers and entrepreneurs of the domestic industrial system. 

Our team is directed by Flavia Provenzani and it’s composed of over 25 journalists, financial analysts, SEO specialists and developers, spread over two offices in Rome and Milan.

Every day we publish, by videos and editorial contents, over 80 updates about analysis, expert views, latest news, consumer guides and insights. 

From the beginning we have been informing our audience in a clear, transparent and useful way to manage the whole ecosystem of finance, economic, tax and job. 

To the four original macro areas we have added over time some others dedicated to Automotive, Fintech, Green and Lifestyle so that our audience can always stay informed about the market's latest news, be aware of the tools, perfect techniques and skills.

Money.it is the first newspaper in the Italian Comscore’s financial information ranking.

Money.it is the first online magazine in Italy to use Blockchain technology to guarantee transparency and authenticity to the "news supply chain" and to protect the editorial copyright permanently by Money Certified.

While diversification is a must in finance, it is also a must when it comes to informing people. So last year Money.it launched Brand & Leader and Book Calling, video productions focused on the authors and on the leadership of the interviewees.  At least the magazine hosts a lot of blogs just to enrich and differentiate the focuses faced daily through the authoritative voice of Mblogger. They are famous personalities of the media and business world and offer their point of view on the different issues of relevance.





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