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SIAT - Italian Society of Technical Analysis is a free non-profit trade association established in Milan in 1986, which operates in the sector of financial technical analysis, an interdisciplinary methodology that studies and models the performance of financial instruments by algorithmic, statistical, quantitative and graphic analysis of informations provided by financial markets (prices, volumes, volatility, open interest and sentiment), in order to predict future trends. It also uses artificial intelligence and neuroscience.

SIAT aims to promote knowledge of Technical Analysis for its right use in formulating investment decisions
  • propagating and developing research and education; organizing seminars, events, conferences and an annual Master; awarding students, professionals and enthusiasts; composing studies and papers by the Scientific Committee and SIATMag
  • supporting the circulation and the update of the knowledges among its members
  • encouraging the achievement of high levels of professionalism by its members (analysts, asset and portfolios managers, traders, consultants and academic professors and students).
SIAT is a member of IFTA, the International Federation of Technical Analysts which joins together the institutions of financial technical analysts from 22 different countries.

All conferences of SIAT

Thursday 18 November    17:00 - 17:50   

Contrarian Investing Strategy and the sub-Greeks Vanna, Charm and Vomma: 2 approaches to the markets to get operational advantages

In this workshop, SIAT associates Nicolò Volpato and Bruno Nappini will illustrate two approaches to markets to get operational advantages in investments.
The first one tries to identify possible areas of equilibrium on the financial markets, dominated by 2 emotions: euphoria and depression. Instead of following an ongoing trend, the contrarian investor challenges the market by buying stocks during the bearish phases, while most investors are selling, and selling during the euphoric bullish phases, when everyone is buying. But how to identify and distinguish a trend inversion from a simple retracement?
The second strategy uses the sub-Greek Vanna, Charm and Vomma, which can be extrapolated from the options prices. How to use them best without getting burned?



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