2021 - 2022

Trading Online Summit

SoldiExpert SCF mainly offers independent financial advisory to private investors using stocks, bonds, ETFs and funds, targeting small and large investors looking for an alternative to banks and financial networks. It examines and restructures existing portfolios, usually based on asset management industry expensive products with no particular value, or it recommends ad hoc asset allocations.
SoldiExpert SCF was founded by Salvatore Gaziano and Roberta Rossi, two long-time experts in the financial field.
Salvatore started working in 1986 as a financial analyst and economic journalist (Borsa & Finanza, Milano Finanza, Il Fatto Quotidiano, La Verità are only some of his collaboration) and he continued his career as a financial manager. Since 2001 he is the SoldiExpert SCF CEO and plays an important role as a strategist in the SoldiExpert SCF research office.
Roberta, after graduating from Bocconi University, has been one of the firsts Italian women taking care about online finance, working for the Soldionline.it website, where she developed a deep knowledge in financial instruments. Now she is responsible for Soldiexpert SCF custom advisory division and she is also an active speaker in financial events. Together with Debora Rosciani, presenter and journalist from Radio24, Roberta is the co-author of the book “Matrimoni & Patrimoni” (Hoepli Editore).
SoldiExpert SCF counts two operative offices in the north and in the middle of Italy (Milano and Lerici), it’s composed by a 7 members team and operates with a research office that monitors and compares, each month, thousands of investments with the aim of select those ones are considered more suitable for each single customers and for each single portfolio, using a unique approach, really independent and based on a diversification of instruments and strategies.
SoldiExpert SCF financial advisory is independent, with no corporate or commercial relationship with banks or financial product issuers; it is an active consultancy company since 2001, signed up at Albo Unico dei Consulenti Finanziari with the resolution of Organismo OCF n. 961 (registration n° 9); it joins Arbitro delle Controversie Finanziarie (ACF) and it’s a member of ASCOFIND, Associazione per la Consulenza Finanziaria Indipendente (ex Ascosim).

All conferences of SOLDIEXPERT SCF

Tuesday 14 December    17:00 - 17:50   

From ETF to pension funds, from PIR to insurance policies, from trading to wealth management: how to build a treasure for your children

Previously leaving your children a roof over their heads was a must, today a saving for training or supplementary pensions.
Times have changed but the wish to leave something concrete to our children endures: what are the most suitable instruments to achieve this objective and which ones are to be avoided?



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