2021 - 2022

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UCapital24, founded by Gianmaria Feleppa and listed on the AIM Italy market, is the first financial social network. A real digital ecosystem where you can create your own professional profile, follow thematic communities and get in touch with brokers, traders, investors, asset managers, consultants and all the major financial players.

UCapital24 integrates the world of financial technologies (Fintech) with the world of media enabling its users to take advantage of the services offered to support the investment activities on the stock exchange, beyond the normal social functions, and to enjoy the contents of the digital televisions thanks to the TV section with the main international economic and financial broadcasts. The Market News section, with live streaming of news from the main economic and financial publications allows the user to get a 360-degree update on the main market drivers, and an integrated tool for creating and managing webinars and roadshows gives full access to all users to a preferential channel of communication with the target audience. The web version of UCapital24 is fully integrated with UCapital Prime, which brings together on a single digital platform a series of fintech tools useful for evaluating investment decisions in over than 12 languages. UCapital Prime also offers macroeconomic analysis about all the monetary areas of the markets, real-time signals, trading systems with automated and pre-coded trading strategies that can be activated directly on the brokers' platforms, constantly updated news from the world's leading providers, a direct connection to the Metatrader, the most widely used trading platform, and a Roboadvisor with different risk profiles for different client profiles.

The aim of UCapital24 is the positioning as a strategic partner for brokers and financial institutions by providing the technological infrastructure, with a dashboard immediately usable by the clients of brokers and banks, and offer visibility within the economic-financial community through the direct connection to the social network.

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Monday 14 March    17:00 - 18:00   

Quantitative strategies and Artificial Intelligence for the traders of the future

Quantitative trading consists in the use of sophisticated mathematical and statistical calculation models to operate on the financial markets and the purpose of quantitative trading is the combination of modern technologies and huge databases in order to obtain complete analysis of market opportunities in real time. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is a branch of information technology that aims to create "intelligent machines", according to human logic, which are capable of self-learning ... This is the basis of a new paradigm of quantitative investment. Whatever the interpretation, investing using AI means adopting a different method than the traditional quantitative approach and differentiation is probably the only winning weapon. During this appointment with Borsa Italiana we will examine the approach based on these two logics by studying some of the decision-making and operational models put in place by UCapital24.

"By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it." (Eliezer Yudkowsky, Co-Founder MIRI)



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