October 20, 2021

Trading Online Summit

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Amiotti Alberto

Institutional Sales, Banks & Investment Products, Banca Akros

He has been involved in primary and secondary market of bonds and Interest Rate Derivatives within the Finance Department at Banca Popolare di Novara.
He has worked as a Sales of structured products for institutional clients  at Banca Aletti, with a particular focus on the origination process  of products placed by retail and private networks.
He has a significant teaching experience in training courses for banking networks with regards to investment strategies and sales of structured products.
He participates in Webank training webinars on Certificates trading.
He has joined the Sales Division at Banca Akros in 2018.

All conferences of Amiotti Alberto

Thursday 07 October    18:00 - 18:50   

Akros Certificate: better protected

How does protection work? Is it effective in highly volatile market scenarios? How do I select the most suitable certificates on the market for my risk-return profile?


Tuesday 29 March    15:00 - 16:00   

Akros Certificates: a flexible instrument against volatility

We will highlight the benefits of protection in market scenarios characterized by high volatility, indicating some criteria for identifying the most suitable certificates for each investor's risk-return profile.


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