October 20, 2021

Trading Online Summit

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Bruno Nappini

Founder and Ceo Sunnymoney.it - CSTA Certified SIAT Technical Analyst

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Thursday 18 November    17:00 - 17:50   

Contrarian Investing Strategy and the sub-Greeks Vanna, Charm and Vomma: 2 approaches to the markets to get operational advantages

In this workshop, SIAT associates Nicolò Volpato and Bruno Nappini will illustrate two approaches to markets to get operational advantages in investments.
The first one tries to identify possible areas of equilibrium on the financial markets, dominated by 2 emotions: euphoria and depression. Instead of following an ongoing trend, the contrarian investor challenges the market by buying stocks during the bearish phases, while most investors are selling, and selling during the euphoric bullish phases, when everyone is buying. But how to identify and distinguish a trend inversion from a simple retracement?
The second strategy uses the sub-Greek Vanna, Charm and Vomma, which can be extrapolated from the options prices. How to use them best without getting burned?


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