October 20, 2021

Trading Online Summit

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Enrico Lanati

Trader ed Imprenditore, cofondatore di Investire.Biz

Enrico Lanati nasce a Milano nel 1983. Dopo essersi laureato in Economia all’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore si trasferisce a Londra a lavorare per un primario Broker della City. In seguito a questa esperienza, nel 2011, decide di mettersi in proprio. Si trasferisce in Svizzera ed inizia un nuovo percorso professionale che lo porterà a fondare il sito www.investire.biz nel 2015. E’ relatore in tutte le principali manifestazioni nazionali ed internazionali dedicate al trading ed agli investimenti invitato dalle principali Banche internazionali e dai Brokers, appare spesso in TV e sui maggiori siti web di settore.

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Tuesday 12 October    17:00 - 17:50   

Your shares, times 5: opportunities and considerations with daily leveraged trading on Individual stocks

With the vaccination campaign entering its final phase in the main developed countries, the markets are now awaiting confirmation of the effective strong recovery of the global economy. With the gradual reduction of the substantial supports of central banks, we can expect a market scenario characterized by greater dispersion of equity returns, "cherry picking" between winners and losers in the post-pandemic world as well as episodes of short-term and localized volatility peaks. In this market context, Lorenzo Pirovano, Exchange Traded Products Sales at Societe Generale and Enrico Lanati, trader at Investire.biz, will explain, with concrete examples, the opportunities offered and the considerations to keep in mind when leveraging exposure on single shares.


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