October 20, 2021

Trading Online Summit

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Marco Scioli

Cofounder e Presidente di Starting Finance

Romano, si laurea in Strategia e Management presso l’Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, dopo una parentesi internazionale con l’Arcadia University della Pennsylvania. Nel 2017 fonda Starting Finance, della quale è fondatore e presidente. Nel 2019 il gruppo si allarga con la fondazione di Starting Finance Deal, di cui ricopre l’incarico di direttore operativo.

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Wednesday 20 October    16:30 - 17:15   

Young people and Finance: knowing and understanding financial instruments

One cannot talk about investments without a solid base of financial education. 
This implies not only a theoretical knowledge of concepts such as diversification, risk-return ratio and compound interest, but also the awareness of the different instruments available to investors, particularly if facing these issues for the first time.
Stocks, bonds, ETFs, funds,  thanks to the recent technological advancements instruments are now just one click away from each of us and new generations will have to deal with this change of paradigm. With Marco Scioli and Riccardo Carnevale of Starting Finance we will try to understand how to acquire proper information on these subjects and how gamification can best serve this purpose.


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