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Pierpaolo Scandurra

CEO Certificati e Derivati

Attivo sui mercati finanziari dal 1998, dal 2006 è Managing Director di Certificati e Derivati e Direttore del Certificate Journal, la prima rivista settimanale italiana dedicata interamente all’universo dei certificati di investimento. Nel febbraio 2007 è autore del libro “Come investire con i certificati”. Collaboratore di numerose testate di informazione finanziaria via web, è stato più volte ospite della trasmissione televisiva Soldi, e relatore di eventi didattici e roadshow ( tra cui il Certificate Village all’ITF di Rimini e alla Trading Online Expo di Borsa Italiana). A partire dal mese di maggio 2007 organizza con Certificati e Derivati gli Italian Certificate Awards, la rassegna annuale volta a premiare il lavoro svolto dalle emittenti di certificati sul mercato italiano.

All conferences of Pierpaolo Scandurra

Monday 18 October    17:00 - 17:50   

The three levers to create a high yield world with investment certificates

The vaccination campaign and the huge resources at monetary level (extraordinary central bank support programs) and at fiscal level (Next Generation EU and Biden's recovery plan in particular) have been the engine of the strong rise observed in the last year on the markets equity. Despite the encouraging growth prospects, with the reduction (albeit very gradual according to the consensus) of the stimuli provided by central banks, we can expect a period potentially marked by less directionality and greater focus on equity fundamentals (ability to generate cash, debt,. ..). Extracting a return from equity can be more complex in this context, and it is where certificates can help create a high-yielding offer by exploiting three levers: volatility, correlation and selective mechanisms (the so-called "worst-of" mechanism for example). Pierpaolo Scandurra, CEO at Certificates and Derivatives, and André Cipolla, head of product marketing at Societe Generale, will deepen these concepts thanks to analysis and concrete examples.


Thursday 25 November    17:00 - 17:50   

Vontobel Sustainable Investing: a tradition of vision and responsibility

Vontobel's involvement in sustainability is part of an established corporate culture: Vontobel has been offering sustainable investment solutions since the 1990s and its commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability is clear. Furthermore, the inclusion of ESG criteria in company valuation models has become a standard for a number of reasons, including the strong interest shown by clients in this topic and the increased regulation that requires these aspects to be integrated into valuation processes. Aligning business practices with environmental, social and business management aspects is now a prerequisite for long-term business success.


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