October 20, 2021

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Jacopo Fiaschini

Digital Investing - Responsabile Flow Products Distribution Italia at Vontobel

Jacopo joins Vontobel to manage and expand the Italian Structured Products market after more than three years of experience as an analyst in Certificati e Derivati, the Italian reference point for information and education on Investment and Leverage Certificates as well as Structured Products since 2006.
Within Certificati e Derivati, after completing his internship, he was appointed Head of  the Financial Advisory Networks Relationships and after that, Head of Certificati e Derivati Analysis Team.
This experience, together with his academic background, started in Perugia with a BSc in Markets and Financial Intermediaries and completed with a MSc in Finance at Luiss Guido Carli in Rome, enabled him to acquire an extensive knowledge of both financial markets and Structured Products.

All conferences of Jacopo Fiaschini

Thursday 14 October    18:00 - 18:50   

Vontobel Tracker and Strategic Certificate: forward-looking, thematic investments.

Several megatrends are driving global capital markets. A thematic investment represents a forward-looking opportunity to generate added value within your portfolio


Thursday 25 November    17:00 - 17:50   

Vontobel Sustainable Investing: a tradition of vision and responsibility

Vontobel's involvement in sustainability is part of an established corporate culture: Vontobel has been offering sustainable investment solutions since the 1990s and its commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability is clear. Furthermore, the inclusion of ESG criteria in company valuation models has become a standard for a number of reasons, including the strong interest shown by clients in this topic and the increased regulation that requires these aspects to be integrated into valuation processes. Aligning business practices with environmental, social and business management aspects is now a prerequisite for long-term business success.


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